Honeywell Orbit HF680

 And the Orbit HF680 minimizes checkout delays by quickly scanning traditionally difficult to read digital barcodes and even damaged barcodes. The Orbit HF680 scanning is not only fast, but it’s also unobtrusive.
The low profile recessed LED lights in the scan window light up barcodes without irritating your customers. And when the scanner is not in use, its lighting will automatically turn off.

Honeywell’s Orbit HF680 point-of-sale hands-free/presentation scanner is the perfect blend of affordability, performance and style. With the Orbit HF680, retailers no longer have to compromise their budgets to get the performance and a modern design. Get it all with Honeywell’s Orbit HF680. Customers will zip through the checkout line with the Orbit HF680’s lightning-fast scanning of both 1D and 2D barcodes.

    With its Megapixel sensor and 1Ghz processor, the Orbit HF680’s fast scanning will speed customers through the checkout line – even when presented with digital or damaged barcodes.

    Save time by rapidly configuring the Orbit HF680 with Honeywell’s EZConfig configuration utility. Simplify installations with OPOS/JPOS drivers that ensure scanner compatibility with various POSs

    The Orbit HF680 provides retailers a scanner that can be displayed proudly at the checkout counter.

    Exceptional performance and design at an exceptional price.

    You can read more detailed information about the Orbit HF680 barcode scanner from our website HERE
    You can read more about the Orbit HF 680 barcode scanner on the Honeywell page HERE

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