About Bulnex

Bulnex” AD was established in June 2001 with subject of activity – offering of hardware solutions. At a later stage the company focused on the post-sale service of its network of clients. Bulnex has specialized in hardware maintenance and delivers such service on a subscription basis to companies of any class.

The highly-qualified team of specialists offers 24- hour licensed technical assistance through a continuous telephone support, “hot line” type. Bulnex supports more than 20 000 actually working devices in the following areas: trade, banking, distribution, finance and human resources.

In 2008 we started to develop a dealer network in 26 municipal cities – aiming to encompass fully the prospective clients and to gain new markets.

We are continuing our fruitful cooperation with the company’s partners from all over the world – manufacturers of highly technological devices for the sphere of trade and production. Bulnex is an exclusive representative of METTLER TOLEDO – Germany, as well as of other world business leaders such as S.A.M. Kuchler and THALES E-transactions. The company specializes in the maintenance of their product range, as well as in the certified service of the equipment of well-established manufacturers such as Diebold Nixdorf, DataLogic, Honeywell, PSC, SATO, DLoG, etc. Bulnex guarantees the best hardware solutions for its clients as an official representative for Bulgaria and a certified business partner.

From the day of its establishment, June 2001, to the present moment the company has undergone continuous development in accordance with the dynamics of the technological, economic and client-oriented market. In this connection its network of clients is constantly developing and becomes richer with: trade chains /some of them are: Hit Supermarkets, Karrefour, PLUS, Lidl, Piccadilly, Fantastico, Metro Cash and Carry, SBA/, retail and utility companies /E-On Bulgaria and BTC, pharmacy centres/, petrol stations, industrial and logistic companies, etc.

The company`s activity

Already positioned on the market of highly technological products `Bulnex` AD prepares individual projects, installs hardware and software, provides warranty and post-warranty maintenance and information service, supplies its clients with consumables and resolves current issues connected with the changes in the business environment.

The company takes part in the creation of overall projects for the management of shops, industrial warehouses, production facilities, etc. The correct and maximum efficient exploitation and maintenance of the hardware equipment and the software is achieved by training the personnel, which Bulnex also offers, and thus guarantees reliability when working with the equipment.

  • In cooperation with, self-service terminals have been successfully developed and installed in different trade areas.

  • Bulnex has launched an On-line store.

    Expanded its sales department up to 10 specialists.

    The city of Lovech was added to the service locations.

  • Bulnex finished joint project with SIS Technologies and Wincor Nixdorf - the new fiscal printer BULPRINT.

    Sopharma implemented mobile terminals Honeywell, distributed by Bulnex

  • Bulnex was nominated and selected as the winner in the category "The biggest deal for 2014", in Eastern Europe.

    One of the biggest Bulgarian companies - Overgas and Sting became our clients.

  • Bulnex became a Platinum partner of the US Comapany Honeywell.

    Speedy and CEZ became our clients


Quality policy


The highly technological business which the company is involved in makes it necessary to search and invest in the asset of motivated and competent specialists who wish to work in the field of their qualification.

We encourage the continuous development of knowledge and skills and we offer excellent labour conditions and motivating remuneration.

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